8x8 can convert the vast majority of customers who show interest in buying their services. The problem is, not enough people have 8x8 in their consideration set. We had to help 8x8 evolve from “hidden gem” status and stand out in a crowded category.

Marketing strategy

Before going out to the general public, we needed to make sure the 8x8 customer experience (CX) could actually deliver on the new brand positioning. Siloed internal groups, each responsible for a different part of the CX, were all going in different directions, oblivious to the bigger picture. By creating a singular brand vision, we are better able to corral their efforts and make the CX sing.


  • Stakeholders from the CEO to the board of directors have rallied behind the new brand vision
  • Initial test-and-learn scenarios indicate improvements in customers’ perception of 8x8, satisfaction in the purchase experience, and lead conversion rates

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